Thursday, September 25, 2014

My latest book, Presidential Shadows is now available. Please check it out. I am beginning to write the sequel. There are times you write things to make yourself laugh and hope others can find the humor in it. I don't expect kids to understand this next passage but I was surprised when not one of the adults in my writing group caught the humor. I guess this really will be one of those times I write something that only I can chuckle at.

Larry and I had a brief staring contest before Erin, Michele, her brother Patrick along with Janet came walking up to the front of the theatre. “Where’s the kid you were dancing with, Erin? What’s his name? Dylan something? Wasn’t he supposed to come too?” I asked.

“Oh, you mean Billy Dylan. He can’t come now,” Erin said. “His mom dragged him up to his Aunt Maggie’s farm up along Highway 61. When I told him I was upset he couldn’t come, he told me I sounded just like a woman.”

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