Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dr Seuss I am I am not

You likely read Dr. Seuss as a kid. I know Green Eggs and Ham was one of the first books I ever read. You don't really think about how difficult it is to write something so simple to read, yet for me it was difficult to try and replicate him.

I am a few chapters into writing the sequel to Presidential Shadows. For readers of the first book, you know that Alex is the main character and is now a high school freshman. Wendy is his girlfriend, only he doesn't know it. You will have to read the book for it to make sense.

Anyway, it is now Christmas time and Alex has been left to wander the mall with Wendy. This is a small passage where I tried to write like Dr. Seuss. I am not sure if I succeeded or not, but it took far longer than I ever thought it would to write a short passage. Yes, Dr. Seuss seems so simple for kids, however try writing it. I always had a healthy respect for the good Doctor, it has grown ten fold over the past few days.

Isn’t this what the holidays are all about, Alex? Searching for that magical gift with the most special person in your life holding your hand.”

“You do know I was five minutes from going home before you showed up?”

Wendy tightened her grip on my hand, “Oh stop being the Grinch and help me find a gift for my daddy.”

Away flew my hand. A Grinch I was not. Wendy was no Cindy Lou Who and I was now hot. We wandered around as the merchandise flew. Wendy let loose with another boo-hoo.  I reached deep to my pocket, a Grinch I was not. A purple shirt that hung in the store window she had now got. A smile appeared. A hug I did get. I looked to my wallet. No more money I met. My heart grew and grew yet I was in debt. Deficit spending was now all I would get.

 “Thank you, Alex.” Wendy said. “I knew you would find me the perfect gift if you tried hard enough.”

Despite the above paragraph similar to Dr. Seuss been changed twenty times, it might still be changed again before it goes to print in summer of 2015. But I wanted to share my thoughts.

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