Monday, October 21, 2013

2-4-6-8 Who should we appreciate

Wives and mothers, that’s who. How do we show our appreciation? We grumble about dinner being late, or our clothes not being ironed correctly. Other times we just don’t bother to take the proper time to express gratitude. Throw me in that last category. You would think being a writer, I could find the proper words, but it rarely happens.

This past weekend my wife and I attended a writer’s conference. She wanted to come along because she wanted a relaxing weekend away from the world. She intended to spend the better part of the weekend losing herself in outlet malls and a local green market. Instead, the first day she spent hours getting the tire fixed on my car that picked up a screw along the road. Did she complain? No. She was perfectly content getting her nails done while waiting for the tire to be serviced. While I was sitting in classes, picking up a nugget here and there about learning how to be a better wordsmith and eating more food then I should have, she was content to sit in the room and eat a salad from nearest fast food joint.

At the day’s end after learning how her day was ruined, it would have been very easy to show some gratitude for me not having to take care of the car. What would have happened had she not been along with me? I would have come out from the conference three days later wanting to go home after an exciting time, only to be delayed for hours waiting for the tire to be repaired. Oh, I imagine, I said thank you. But we all know there is a difference between saying thank you and being grateful in your heart. Inside I was grateful, but a weak thank you was all I uttered.

After the long weekend was complete and I was home, my youngest daughter caught me in the kitchen to tell me she came to a realization. She informed me how difficult it was being responsible for the family dog while we were away. The dog had to be fed and let outside early in the mornings and in the evenings. Our spoiled pooch starts to whine if she’s not let out at her usual time before daybreak. My daughter realized how much work goes into caring for others. Who did she tell? Me, not her mother who gets up and opens the door first thing every morning.

Those are two small examples but ones that happen on a daily basis. So much goes into running a family and household that we all take for granted. I know dad’s do their share as well but let’s be honest. In most families, the mothers and wives are the glue that keeps it all together. You don’t have to wait for that one day a year on Mother’s Day to show them how much they are appreciated. Find the words today.

Thank you to all the mothers and wives who keep us heading the right direction on a daily basis. You are appreciated and even if we don’t say it enough, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you.   

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