Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Seed


The end. It’s the place where too many start. Think of your idea as a giant seed sitting in a jar with a sign on it that reads, “Never open this jar.” Why not, you think. You’re told, you are too young, too old, too small, too big, and clearly not smart enough.

Your idea is sealed like that seed inside a jar. You are told the seed must be shut off to the outside world. We have been conditioned to not even try to open the jar, plant the seed. See what grows.

No idea is too small to plant. No one is ever too old, too young or not smart enough. But some are too afraid because they always read the sign on the jar.

There are some who want to keep all the seeds for themselves, for they know the beauty that grows when you plant just one seed. One seed becomes a beautiful vibrant plant. One plant produces more seeds, for more plants. Yes, the sign reads never plant the first seed. I can read too, just like you.

A journey doesn’t start at the end. A journey starts at the beginning. A beginning with one simple idea, one perfectly formed seed that everyone tells you can’t possibly grow. The seed needs the sun, needs water, and requires your special nurturing. It’s very easy never to open the jar and plant the first seed. But one thing you should never forget. It’s your seed. It begins with you.  

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